The Philippines has become a great source of manpower all over the world. Wherever you are in the globe, you are sure to find at least one Filipino in the neighborhood. The most common reason? – To earn more than what their jobs here in the Philippines can give them. Thus, the quest to find every available opportunity became insatiable; with most of their numbers stay abroad for far too long as if never planning to ever go back home.

In the early 2000s, the rise of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry offered alternatives to Filipinos. With competitive salary packages, commission and even a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) benefit. Who wouldn’t be attracted to that? This was also the time when Millennials started working, thus, many have used it as a stepping-stone while looking for a more suitable job. As the years have gone by, the competitive salary that these companies offer turned to be no longer appealing and some Filipinos are again left to think about opportunities abroad.

Finally, in the late 2000s, the ESL industry boomed and once again, it gave Filipinos new opportunities. Then until now, the ESL industry continues to prosper, giving more and more Filipinos a chance to employment no matter how old they are.

Keeping up with the pace is the Work from home opportunities. This has become an option especially for women who need to stay home to take care of their children. The concept of convenience and flexibility has attracted Filipinos so much that they are willing to give up the stability of their corporate careers and venture into freelancing – VIRTUAL STAFF PHIL.

Yet, with too many opportunities and options for Filipinos nowadays, it is still a question on whether who benefits the most in these situations. A trend in the mentioned industries is clear: the offers decline as they balloon. Suddenly, the win-win situation becomes biased at the expense of the workers.

As it is, one can only be careful when selecting jobs to take as this may have a domino effect. Sadly, few entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the rookies, offering as little as $1 per hour thus, doing research and belonging to a community with similar interests will help one to assess an offer.