1. Onboarding Process Checklist

a. Introduce the new VA to the rest of the team

Welcoming them and letting their presence known to everyone promotes a good working culture.

b. Set up all the tools needed for their tasks

Prepare their log in details, passwords, and permissions. Also, assist them with the whole process in setting up to start working.

c. Orientation about your business

It would be best to give the VA an orientation about the company. Share a brief history, the key persons in your organization, and who they will be reporting to. Your VA will appreciate this information.

d. Steps and procedures of each tasks

Walk them through the tasks to avoid confusion and mistakes. It will be helpful to have a video recording of the steps or a written document so they can review it afterwards. This will help avoid unnecessary questions and confusion about their tasks.

e. Set expectations

Let your VA know your goals and expectations to align them with your standards.

2. Documentation of Processes & Standard Procedures

It is beneficial to have an existing guideline of all the processes and procedures of your business to make sure that it is implemented across all your departments. This will also come in handy as it will save you time when onboarding a new Virtual Staff.

3. Lead your VA

No matter how experienced your VA may be, still, don’t expect them to know everything. They may be experts on their fields, but expect them not to think like an entrepreneur. They still need someone to look after them as they grow in their careers.

4. Regular Touch Base

Whether it be weekly or monthly, connect with your VA on a regular basis. This is a good opportunity to review goals, keep track of a project’s progress or just simply interact with them to know how they’re doing. This is something they won’t ask you to do but will definitely be grateful for.