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Virtual Assistant Services

Here are some of the types of Virtual Assistant that we can offer to your business.


Executive Assistant

They can perform many different roles and tasks. They are likened to a secretary, only, they are working remote.

»  Answer your phone calls and emails
»  Organize your files, collects and manage company data
»  Set up meetings and appointment
»  Makes travel arrangements
»  Manage your work calendar
»  Performing basic bookkeeping tasks

Data Entry Assistant

Data Entry Assistant

They gather all sorts of information you need from different sources and documents and enters it into your business’ database to be organized.

»  Check source documents for accuracy
»  Verify data and correct it when necessary
»  Make sure that all unnecessary files are deleted
»  Run reports and enter data into your CRM system
»  Record all activities: tasks and product updates
»  Maintains data integrity and security policies

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer service is a vital part of every business. Providing an excellent customer support is key to a company’s repeat business and word-of-mouth reputation.

»  Responding promptly to customer inquiries
»  Communicating with customers through various channels: phone, email, live chat, and social media platform
»  Process your customers’ orders, forms, applications, and requests.
»  Acknowledge and resolve customer complaints
»  Lead the Customer Relationship Management data system
»  Update information in your Company Knowledge base
»  Organize your files, collects and manage company data

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

They will help you find and nurture leads who are interested in buying and selling their properties. 

»  Administer all calls and email inquiries.
»  Follow up with buyers and sellers
»  Oversee the CRM database
»  Post advertisements: Craiglist, Zillow, and others
»  In-charge of property research and reports
»  Collating reports with details received from MLS

Marketing Assistant

Virtual Marketing Assistant

They are experts that will widen your circle. They will make your organization gather attention by pitching in ideas of different marketing strategies that could work for your products/services.

»  Collaborates with the Marketing Manager, Internal teams, Clients and partners on marketing strategy.
»  Works closely with Sales and Marketing department.
»  Write blogs for your page and website
»  Make and facilitate Adwords campaign
»  Keyword Research
»  Promoting your website through blogs, advertisements, and other means.

Social Media

Social Media Expert

No need to worry about the content that you must put on your social media accounts because this VA will do that for you.

»  Create business Social Media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
»  Responding to Social media channels
»  Update posts to include focus keywords for search engine optimization.
»  Researching new content to post
»  Schedule posts on different social media

SEO Expert

SEO Expert

Want your business to be rank better on Google and other search engines? SEO Experts will take you up the search spot and make sure people will easily access your website. 

»  Manages your PPC initiatives and campaigns
»  Analyzing keywords and SEO techniques used by other websites
»  Familiarization with Google analytics
»  Putting up link building strategies

For Inquiries

Content Writer

They attract people to your platform by creating or researching content that will go to your website, blogs, etc. thus, people with strong research, organizational and communication skills should be considered for this type of job.

»  Study industry-related topics (gather online materials, interviews, and studies)
»  Compose a clear marketing copy to promote
»  Work with marketing and design teams to interpret articles
»  Evaluate and edit blog posts before publishing
»  Updates the website content as needed
»  Boost content on Social Media


Bookkeeping Assistant

They will assist you with anything about money. They will manage your books and ensure that your financial records are well maintained and are following all legal requirements.

»  Bookkeeping data entry
» Process Payroll
»  Record keeping and leads bookkeeping guidelines
»  Manage cash flow, budgeting, and account reconciliation
»  Manage inventory

Cost-effective Plans

Take a look at our Plans to find one that suits your business needs.


/ discounted at $320 on next booking

 »  Includes 40 hours of work from your VA
 »  Any type of Virtual Assistant


/ discounted at $550 on next booking

 »  Includes 80 hours of work from your VA
 »  Any type of Virtual Assistant


/ discounted at $1,020 on next booking

 »  Includes 160 hours of work from your VA
 »  Any type of Virtual Assistant

How Virtual Assistants help businesses?

Many businesses nowadays have experienced the benefits of having Virtual Assistants join their team. From e-Commerce to data entry to real estate and social media — there’s at least one type of VA that will be a perfect fit for your business.

Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who can provide administrative services to a foreign business client while working remotely. They can perform various tasks such as answering customer emails, live chats and calls, scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, lead generation, and provide other Virtual PA services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have answered the commonly asked questions of our clients regarding our service.

Can you choose a Virtual Assistant?

Yes, upon signing up we will send you the details of at least 2 Virtual Assistants experts on your chosen service e.g. Marketing. Then, we will schedule the interviews so you’ll have the chance to know each of them, and you can decide who to choose for your business.

Is it possible to request for a Virtual Assistant replacement?

If you're not satisfied with the service your getting from your Virtual Assistant, you have up to 3 days (from the day you started a plan) to request a replacement.

Will I be able to change my Plan?

Yes, just contact us to add or reduce the hours of your Assistant.

Refer a Friend - Get a credit

If you can refer someone who is looking to hire a Virtual Personal Assistant, we’ll give you a $15 credit. Once your referral signed up, we’ll credit the bonus amount to your nominated Paypal account within 14 days.

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